BIKRAM YOGA - 90 min

This class is taught by:

Heather King

Heather has been a nurse for 20+ years, working in a variety of fields ( oncology, palliative care, rheumatology and research to name a few) and as a result is passionate about promoting holistic health and wellbeing to everybody.

Her own battle with breast cancer prompted her to follow her dreams and move to Australia in 2003.
Heather admits to being a heat junkie but had never heard of Bikram yoga before trying her 1st class in 2005 - her practise was sporadic initially until participating in her 1st 30 day challenge. Then she became hooked!!

Reasonably fit, she was well aware of the changes to her body with regular practice - but the changes to her psychological health continue to amaze her! 

Heather decided to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 and she truly believes Bikram yoga makes us bullet proof.
Heather says "forget what you can't do- it's what you CAN do that counts!"

Jacqueline Logeman-Jansen

In 2006 Jacqueline began her Yoga Journey in The Hague, The Netherlands, at Bikram Yoga Den Haag, back then only the 2nd Bikram Studio in The Netherlands! At that time Jacqueline was a flight attendant, had a lot of pain in her spine and her wrists, and suffered from a major depression. She did not like her first class at all, but thought to herself: "well, everyone else in the room seems to be able to survive this hot yoga stuff, so that must mean I can too!"

Within 3 Months she noticed a major improvement in her whole well being and she was hooked for life.

She moved with her husband to Australia in 2007 and continued on her Yoga Journey in Brisbane. Always eager to learn, Jacqueline decided to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2008. Since graduating from TT she traveled all over the world to teach at some amazing Studios and spread the Yoga Love. She had the chance to meet many inspiring Senior Teachers, Coaches, and some amazing Yogi's!

After 2 years of traveling , in 2010 she decided to open her own Bikram Yoga Studio in Australia's Capital, Canberra. Here she was able to create Canberra's first ever Bikram Yoga Community. Over a period of 4 years she has lovingly created a welcoming Yoga Community in Canberra, always making sure to keep growing herself as well by attending as many workshops and seminars in Australia and around the world as possible.

After 4 years she decided to sell the Studio to focus more on family life. Her home base is now in Sydney on the Northern Beaches. Jacqueline is very excited to be able to help students reach a new level of confidence, to see them grow into the best person they can possibly be: themselves. She teaches a powerful class and likes to pay attention to detail.

"Two camels a day keeps the Chiropractor away!"

Rob Burland

Back in 2009, Rob’s partner Christel tried to persuade him to try out Bikram Yoga. Robs response was: “Yoga - men don’t go to yoga, can’t imagine blokes going to yoga.” After a heated discussion and to keep the peace Rob agreed to give it a go…
Rob, a keen surfer and runner at the time had read in a surfing magazine about professional surfers doing yoga and cross training to help them surf better; in fact, they were saying it gave them an edge over other competitors, helping to develop core strength and mental fortitude.  
His first class was hard, hot and strenuous on both body and mind. Half way through, he felt like throwing up and doing a runner for the door!  He attempted most postures but could not believe how inflexible he was! He was in awe of the rest of the class, many in there 40s, 50s and 60s, in front of him, nailing every posture in complete stillness, simultaneously maintaining a calm breath. He just knew he had to come back! Rob refused to be defeated so he went back to Bikram again and again and again. Each time, he noticed he was getting stronger, his breathing was getting easier and his mind was saying he could do this.
Within a month or two of regular practice, he felt incredible. Feeling energised all the time, sleeping like a baby! He noticed that he felt calmer at work. He was able to concentrate better and felt more relaxed and more confident around colleagues and customers.
In 2011, Rob took long service leave to pack his bags and head to the USA for the 9 weeks intensive Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. Becoming a Bikram Yoga teacher was a life changing opportunity.
Rob says that it’s been the most rewarding personal development of his life. During Robs classes he will share insights, passion and energy through and offer real inspiration to others.

Jessica Whatham

Jessica was born and raised on Sydney's Northern Beaches and began practicing Bikram Yoga at 14 years old. Since then she has travelled, lived, and practiced Bikram Yoga in London and the United States.
After studying Business and Nutrition Jessica felt that something was still missing and in 2009 Jessica became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. Jessica began her teaching career in the USA, teaching in studios in Miami and in the North Eastern USA. In 2013 Jessica moved back to Sydney and is very much at home back on the Northern Beaches.

Bikram Yoga is something that has always provided a sound body and mind for Jessica and she loves that as a teacher she can share those same benefits with her students.

"Teach what is inside you, not as it applies to you, but as it applies to the other." T. Krishnamacharya

Mariki Oliver

Nothing could prepare Mariki for her first Bikram yoga class in 2004 in Johannesburg South Africa. She was as stiff as a stick and had an over active mind which made her first class torture. Hot and bothered was an understatement! But something clicked and that was the beginning of a wonderful transformational journey.
As a clinical psychologist, Mariki has always been fascinated with the body-mind connection. The body never lies, never forgets and reveals unconscious attitudes and beliefs. Her quest for deeper understanding lead her to become a Postural Integration Therapist.

In 2007 Mariki immigrated to Australia via Roma in the Queensland outback where she worked as a clinical psychologist for 2 years in the rural areas. As there were no Bikram Studios for hundreds of kilometres, Mariki practiced Bikram Yoga on her own with Bikram's CD in a little heated room with a big mirror, joined by her cat, Bagheera. This prepared her for Bikram teacher training in 2009.

Mariki taught her first class in Brisbane, and soon after moved to Sydney where she has been teaching at several studios for the past 5 years. Absolutely loving it, her passion and belief in Bikram yoga is ever growing. Mariki teaches a joyful yet disciplined class and focuses awareness towards transcending limitations and pushing the edge.

Greg Tiltmann

Greg began his journey with Bikram Yoga almost by default in 2009. A dear friend had completed teacher training and he supported her need to practice teaching by putting his body on the line, taking private classes at 4:30 in the morning before work, and was surprised to find that he enjoyed the physical challenge of the practice.

A few years later, at the lowest emotional point in his life, Bikram Yoga literally saved his life. By committing to his practice he regained structure and meaning in his life, and he happily attests to how his body began responding and repairing itself through regular practice. Even more astonishingly, one morning he forgot to take the chronic medication for stomach ulcers and reflux that he’d relied on for nearly 30 years, and has not needed to take it since.

He’d sustained numerous injuries as a competitive athlete, from playing Rugby into his twenties, and those sustained during the four years he served actively as a combat soldier. He smiles wryly as he recounts the ‘indecent’ number of fractures, dislocations, torn muscles and ligaments, and surgeries including a complete lumbar disk replacement, which he’d unlikely use as an excuse not to ‘try the right way’ 

He recalls that when he started his Bikram Yoga practice, he needed help putting socks on and only owned slip-on shoes as tying shoe-laces was mission impossible – this of course is a thing of the past.

Passionate about and driven to share the life-changing benefits he experienced from practicing Bikram Yoga, Greg qualified as a teacher in 2013. He is an energetic and compassionate teacher, with an ever growing knowledge of the healing properties of Bikram Yoga; emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically.

Martin Standring

Studio owner, Martin aka 'the Boss' certified in 2007 and is an inspirational and popular teacher. With over 3000 classes Martin has taught in some of the busiest studios in both England and Australia.

Before discovering Bikram Yoga Martin spent 14 years as a Fire Fighter. He was also a keen sportsman and was a self-confessed gym junkie! Due to the intense sports activities over a number of years Martin suffered serious knee injuries, which lead to arthritis in his knees and ongoing problems with his back and hips until one day is he was persuaded to try a Bikram class.

Back in those days Martin had very little flexibility and was unable to do many of the postures, which frustrated him, but he loved the complete body work out. He says that it was one of the hardest, most challenging things he had ever done in his life! After 5 weeks of regular practice he noticed his knees were pain free and the discomfort in his back and hips had eased. More than that something was happening internally. Through a regular Bikram practice he is a much calmer, happier person. 

Martin and his wife Katie met in the hot room and work as a great team.

Martin is one of the most popular teachers and its easy to see why. He teachers with humour and lightness whilst giving students an authentic 'dialogue' class every time.  

Martin also managers the yoga studio and he is available for students and teaches 7 days a week. 

Take Martin's class and be prepared to you laugh out loud, sweat and cry!

Bikram Yoga is the Hottest yoga in town! But more specifically, it’s a therapeutic hatha yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises conducted in a heated studio, and suitable for all levels including beginners.

Bikram Yoga classes are 90 minutes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class time for check-in.

The health benefits include: 
• Improve overall health and fitness
• Reduce stress
• Assist in losing weight and maintaining ideal weight
• Strengthen and tone the body
• Improve flexibility

Upcoming classes:

  • Wed 20 Sep 6:00 am - 7:30 am with Heather King
  • Wed 20 Sep 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm with Jacqueline Logeman-Jansen
  • Wed 20 Sep 7:15 pm - 8:45 pm with Rob Burland
  • Thu 21 Sep 6:00 am - 7:30 am with Jacqueline Logeman-Jansen
  • Thu 21 Sep 10:00 am - 11:30 am with Jacqueline Logeman-Jansen
  • Thu 21 Sep 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm with Jessica Whatham
  • Fri 22 Sep 6:00 am - 7:30 am with Mariki Oliver
  • Fri 22 Sep 10:00 am - 11:30 am with Greg Tiltmann
  • Fri 22 Sep 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm with Martin Standring
  • Sat 23 Sep 8:00 am - 9:30 am with Jacqueline Logeman-Jansen
  • Sat 23 Sep 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm with Martin Standring
  • Sun 24 Sep 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm with Martin Standring
  • Mon 25 Sep 10:00 am - 11:30 am with Jacqueline Logeman-Jansen
  • Mon 25 Sep 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm with Nadine Omara
  • Mon 25 Sep 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm with Martin Standring
  • Mon 25 Sep 7:15 pm - 8:45 pm with Rob Burland
  • Tue 26 Sep 6:00 am - 7:30 am with Greg Tiltmann