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bikram_choudhuryBikram Yoga is a style of yoga that consists of a series of 26 postures (Asanas) carried out in a heated room during a 90-minute class.

Bikram Choudhury who was born in Calcutta in 1946 developed Bikram Yoga. Bikram began practicing yoga when he was 4 and by the age of 13 he won the National India Yoga contest. At 17, Bikram sustained a serious injury to his knee during a weight-lifting accident and with the guidance of Guru Bishnu Ghosh used the healing powers of yoga to rehabilitate himself to full health.

In a United Nations sponsored research project at Tokyo University, Bikram helped doctors demonstrate that yoga can regenerate tissues and alleviate chronic ailments. Bikram, realizing the remedial potential of yoga combined Eastern discipline and Western medicine to develop his 26 posture yoga series. 

Bikram arrived in the United States in 1973 at the invitation of President Nixon and soon after celebrities, athletes, and others began to practice Bikram Yoga.


Never too old, never too late, never too sick, never too bad to start from scratch and begin again.
– Bikram Choudhury

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for about 6 years in total.The benefits I receive are endless!

Physically - I am far more toned than I used to be. Also my core strength has increased significantly, as has my flexibility and stamina. I also notice that I automatically stand and sit with a straight spine now, rather than slumping. My complexion has improved; with all that sweating, if my skin has improved, I am sure my internal organs must have too - but do not know that. I did have a bone density test a few years ago, and was told that my bones are very healthy, especially since I do not eat animal meat, and am post-menopausal, so could have been a candidate for osteoporosis, but, thankfully am not.  
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