Sunday 29 March 6.30pm at Bikram Yoga Northern Beaches
With Matt Omo - the Gong Guru! 
Tickets $45 
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This workshop will open your mind and give you a tangible experience of what your 'energy' feels like. It will open the door to your spiritual nature and give you a techniques to live a more blissful, joyous and happy life.

Using a conscious and active breathing process and LIVE healing sounds you are guided to release the mental chatter of your brain and relax into your body. From this opened awareness you will connect to your body’s natural healing ability.  In this deep state of relaxation you will transcend the conscious mind and be guided by your therapist to release mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks, which inhibit you from reaching your full potential. During the breathing process essential oils, reiki and other energetic modalities may be used to help you move into a state of harmony.


19th April to 21st June 2015 

SENTIDO Graceland Khao Lak Resort and Spa, Phuket, Khao Lak, Thailand

Registration for the Spring 2015 Teacher Training is now OPEN

For more info please talk to Studio Owners Martin or Katie. 

Train with Bikram Choudhury himself. Many have interpreted or even attempted to duplicate Bikram's methods, but these are misrepresentations as the essence is irreplaceable. Bikram is among a few yoga masters from India who introduced yoga to the western hemisphere beginning more than 40 years ago. The information you will receive during training is unparalleled. His influence is undeniable. Bikram says more than 500 million lives have directly benefited from his remarkable asana series. Nothing can match training from a modern master descended from a true Indian lineage.

Help us spread Bikram's yoga around the world!

Be prepared to work hard during the sublime, exciting and life-changing training and, please, do not be surprised to find you are having the time of your life! You will leave training with a renewed sense of purpose and incredible memories of time spent with Bikram, one of the world's most renowned and revered yoga masters, as well as one of its most entertaining and glamorous.


Bikram yoga Bali Retreat 

With, Senior Teacher Dave Reid, Studio Owner Katie and the Bali Bikram Godess Jess Brown

Cost: $1300 (not including flights)

For the second year running we will be taking a group of yogis to idyllic town of Ubud for a wonderful week packed with yoga, healthy eating, relaxation. Plenty of time to  explore the artistic and cultural center of Bali as you develop your practice through morning and afternoon Bikram yoga classes, meditation, and posture workshops.

The town of Ubud, whose name derives from ‘obet’ or ‘medicine’, is a place of healing. It is friendly, comfortable, earthy and unpretentious. With temperatures around 30 Celsius and high humidity, Ubud is the perfect location for a Bikram yoga! 

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